Mars Series (MR)

  • Professional Floor Display

  • High-intensity and Safe

Innovative Integrated Design

The MR series adopts the two-in-one integrated design of the cabinet and the frame, which makes the panel thinner and lighter, and the floor screen can be built without adding sub-frames at the bottom. The height of the panel can be adjusted by the anchors in case of the rough ground and the adjustable height is 0~20mm. 

•     Pixel pitch of products: 2.5mm, 4.8mm

•     Panel dimension: 500(W)*500(H)mm


Strong Load Capacity

The MR4.8 adopts a high-strength frame design to ensure safety and firmness. The maximum load-bearing capacity is about 2500kg/㎡, which can greatly guarantee the safety of stage activities. The surface of MR4.8 is covered with matte or glassy finish, which is easy to clean as well as ensures the scratch resistant feature, creating a long-lasting wonderful staging effect.

Dedicated to xR Stage and Virtual Studio

MR2.5 adopts GOB packaging process, which can make the display effect more delicate. It features a deep black non-reflective surface for better in-camera performance and is recommended to combine with the backdrops with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm to create stunning xR stages, virtual studios, etc. In addition, the MR4.8 matte version, with its 16bit grayscale, high refresh rate of 7680Hz, and high frame rate up to 251Hz, can build a floor display with excellent display effects for virtual production scenes, especially the xR stage.

Installation and Maintenance

As a professional floor display solution, the MR series supports front installation, making it easier for users to operate. The modules and power box support front maintenance, which is convenient for later service.

Optional Interactive Function

The MR4.8 interactive matte version incorporates built-in sensor chips, which can quickly identify triggered action and respond in real time, bringing a pleasant and immersive interactive experience. Panels with built-in sensor chips can be assembled with general MR panels to make more creative effects.

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