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Malls + LED Display

In the present era of retail, physical malls suffers from a serious tendency toward homogeneity. “Creating a differentiated experience” is now becoming a trend for businesses that want to improve their odds of getting noticed. By combining stunning LED display and naked-eye 3D technology, Absen displays can be used to present runway shows, celebrity commercials, holiday-themed videos, and other creative content that helps to visually produce an interesting sensory experience.

CaseYas Mall of Dubai

In the atrium of the Yas Mall of Dubai, a large LED screen spanning more than 170 square meters plays a breathtaking naked-eye 3D creative video mimicking the scene of a large water tank sinking to the bottom of the sea or of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Age roaming in front of our eyes. Compared with print advertising, the combination of LED screen and naked-eye 3D enhances interaction with audiences, often inspiring consumers to viral post short videos of the spectacle on social media, which further boosts the visibility of the shopping center.

Flagship Stores + LED Display

A flagship store is a showroom that has the purpose of creating a unique image. In this elaborately created scene, customers can thoroughly see the brand, experience it, and potentially identify with it. Brand advertising displayed through LED screens can lure consumers into immersive shopping spaces where they are more likely to gain a deeper appreciation of the brand's value, inspire the desire to shop, and increase brand loyalty and reputation.

Caseadidas Flagship Store in Costanera Center, Santiago, Chile

The adidas flagship store in Costanera Center, is decorated with LED displays of different shapes at the checkout counter, display area, and interactive area. The displays highlight the eye-catching store design and bring to life adidas’ fashionable and unique brand image. The advertisements displayed on screens and the innovative design of the interactive area enable customers to deeply appreciate the features, further stimulating their interest and desire for them.

Chain Stores + LED Display

Chain stores help brands achieve rapid global expansion and are usually located in popular shopping areas. Combining LED screens to present creative marketing content has become the unanimous choice of brands seeking to enhance the impact of their chain store locations and allow consumers to intuitively get a feel for the brand features and product characteristics at a distance. These displays allow brands to give customers more information in a limited space and further enrich the shopping experience for consumers.

CasePandora Chain Stores

Danish jewelry brand Pandora has made use of Absen LED displays in several of its chain stores, where the screens are perfectly integrated with suitable styles. Pandora jewelry’s exquisite design and stylish character are underlined by the accurate color reproduction and refined display qualities of the LED screens. Displaying seasonal ads, they have boosted the marketing results of chain stores.

4S Car Shops + LED Display

4S Car shops are increasingly using LED screens to highlight brand identity and express various messages due to the usefulness of their innovative visual and content presentation in further enriching customers' perception of the brand. By combining creative advertisements for different scenes, customers can learn about services through an immersive experience that transports the viewer on an incredible journey, allowing them to visualize the joy of driving right from where they stand.

CasePorsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe, China

Porsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe features over 100 square meters of LED screens. Facing the belt highway, the semi-outdoor LED screen draws the attention of potential customers and existing Porsche customers to Porche’s showroom to enhance the location’s branding impact. Indoor small-pitch LED screens help the Porsche Centre showcase the detailed features of different models, giving customers a more comprehensive understanding of each model's distinct characteristics and design philosophy, and adding to the convincingness of sales presentation.

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