Lyra V2 Series (LR V2)

  • Lightweight Transparent Display

  • Hidden Presence, Visible Brilliance

Revolutionary Transparent LED Display Technology

Discover the Lyra (LR) V2 series, a standout in our transparent display line widely recognized at numerous high-profile concerts. This updated series debuts with a sleek design and features a refined pixel pitch of 3.9mm horizontally and 7.8mm vertically. Weighing just 7.7kg (16.98 lbs.), the 1000x500mm panel is remarkably user-friendly. Experience a new era of visual technology with our innovative transparent displays.


Experience Unmatched Clarity with High Transparency and Brightness

Immerse yourself in the visually stunning Lyra (LR) V2 series, offering an impressive transparency rate of up to 33%. The masks are fixed with screws and clips to ensure optimal viewing. Choose from brightness levels of 3000nits or 4000nits and enjoy a high refresh rate of 7680Hz, perfect for dynamic live stage performances.

Advanced Water Resistance for Reliable Outdoor Use

Engineered for durability, the Lyra (LR) V2 series boasts advanced water-resistant capabilities for reliable outdoor performance. Featuring a robust design with water-resistant modules, power boxes, and cables, coupled with a glue potting technique, it ensures maximum protection against moisture.


Flexible Installation with Artistic Curved-Shaped Displays

The Lyra (LR) V2 series introduces an innovative horizontal locking system that supports flexible, curved displays with multiple angle adjustments from -15° to +10°. Each panel is equipped with dual locks, ensuring robust horizontal connectivity for any installation. This feature allows for tight connection of panels, ensuring robust and versatile configurations for creative display solutions.


Creative L-Shaped Displays

Expand your creative horizons with the Lyra (LR) V2 series, designed with a 45° edge-cutting technique on both sides. This design allows for corner integration and unique staging configurations, enhancing visual experiences for any event.


Optimize Your Stage Space with Flexible Panel Configurations

Maximize your stage’s visual impact with the Lyra (LR) V2 series, offering versatile panel options that combine 500x500mm and 1000x500mm sizes. This flexibility allows for tailored display solutions to fit diverse staging environments.


Effortless One-Man Installation

Streamline your setup with the Lyra (LR) V2 series, equipped with top and bottom magnets for quick vertical connections. The vertical locking system comprises of two fast locks and an intermediate lock that comes with a safety button to ensure a secure and tight connection.


Stylish and Functional Hanging Solutions

Elevate your display with the Lyra (LR) V2 series' stylishly designed hanging bars, available in lengths of 1000mm (3.28 ft) and 2000mm (6.56 ft.). These bars are ideal for mounting transparent displays up to 10m (32.8 ft.) high, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Boost Your Maintenance Efficiency

Maintain your Lyra (LR) V2 series effortlessly with its modular design, which supports rapid servicing. Exclusive maintenance tools are designed to facilitate module maintenance. The power box features a toggle latch design, allowing for easy replacement without additional tools.


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