Jupiter Pro Series (JP Pro)

  • Revolutionary Touring Solution

  • Bigger, Durable, Engineered for the Elements

Quick-Setup, High-Impact Display for Touring Professionals

The Jupiter Pro series is specifically designed for the touring stage where every second counts. The expansive panel dimensions are engineered to expedite stage setup. As the ultimate touring stage display, the JP Pro series delivers an unrivaled solution, ensuring performances aren’t just seen, but spectacularly experienced.

•    Pixel pitch of product: 8.9mm

•    Panel dimension: 1000(W)*1000(H)mm


Ultra-High Transparency for Outdoor Use

The JP8 Pro stands out with an extraordinary 50% transparency rate, ideal for elevating large-scale outdoor concert visuals to new heights. With a brightness of 4000nits, 16-bit grayscale, and a 3840Hz refresh rate, the JP8 Pro stands unmatched in display quality, captivating audiences with its strikingly vivid images and exceptional performance.

Lightweight, Yet Durable

The Jupiter Pro Series redefines industry standards by harmonizing feather-light construction with unwavering reliability. Engineered with an advanced composite structure, each JP8 Pro panel is a mere 20kg, allowing for aerial installations as high as 24m, and resilient in wind velocities up to 20 meters per second or 38.88 knots.

State-of-the-Art Locking System

The JP Pro series sets a new standard in the industry with its cutting-edge locking technology and precise feedback system, ensuring unmatched stability and a flawlessly uniform display surface for large-scale LED installations.

Precise Curving Capabilities

The JP Pro series redefines flexibility in LED displays with its precision-engineered angle adjustment system, offering a range from -10° convex to +15° concave. This empowers designers with the flexibility to craft intricate and captivating curved visuals, maximizing creative freedom.

Hanging and Stacking Installation

The JP Pro series offers a wide range of installation options, including both hanging and ground-supported configurations, affording customers the adaptability to customize their staging to the unique demands of any event space.

Integrated Wind-Bracing System

The Jupiter Pro series elevates the robustness of your outdoor displays with the specially designed wind-bracing add-ons, designed for effortless installation and compact storage. Utilizing these accessories with the panels is recommended to boost performance and durability. The 4-in-1 dolly system supports transportation of panels with integrated wind-bracing system.


5-in-1 Dolly System

The JP Pro series enhances tour efficiency with its innovative 5-in-1 dolly system, simplifying transport and setup for event professionals.


Effortless Assembly with Advanced Installation System

The JP Pro series revolutionizes LED wall installation, incorporating robust hanging bars, advanced wind-bracing capabilities, and an efficient 5-in-1 dolly system to ensure rapid and reliable assembly for various events.


Modular Design Enables Fast Maintenance

The JP Pro series optimizes setup speed with specially designed large modules that allow for rapid and seamless swaps, simplifying maintenance. Equipped with an integrated power box featuring quick-release toggle latches, it ensures a secure fit while enabling hassle-free, tool-less removal and replacement.


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