A Series

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    Ultra High Brightness

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    Ultra-low power consumption

A Series

The lowest operation cost throughout the product’s lifecycle , your first choice for Midrange and high-end DOOH LED display

a series-01 Pixel Pitch:P4/ P6/ P8/ P10/ P16
6371808266793770972209101.png Panel Material:Aluminum
a series-02

Application Scenarios

  • Billboard

  • Spectacular

  • Street Furniture

  • Digital Sign

  • Transit Center

  • Sports

10000nit High Brightness,dedicated visibility of image even under strong direct Sunlight

Clear and bright even in strong outdoor direct Sunlight
Excellent display quality Longer life cycle and excellent durability

A series DOOH (2).jpg

Saving 50+% energy

Low power consumption
Low heat dissipation
Longer lifespan

A series DOOH (3).jpg

Extremely Real Display Performance

Low power consumption
Low heat dissipation
Longer lifespan

A series DOOH (4).jpg

Vivid Picture with a Wide Field of View for Advertising

Stable and natural images
Diversified and saturated colors with smooth transitions
Dynamic and vivid images

A series-06

High Protective Grades and High Weather Resistance

The 304 stainless steel screws and locks, the aluminum panel, and the double protection of strongly-insulated wires wrapped in fiberglass, thereby ensuring longer service life of our products.

A series DOOH (5).jpg

Savings in electricity costs

300 sqm, 5 years, Save $180,000~200,000 on electricity costs (A1021D、A1621D)

A series DOOH (7).jpg

Thin panel,Convenient transport,save transport cost

A series DOOH (8).jpg

Save One/fourth Steel Frame

A series DOOH (11).jpg

Suitable for arc splicing of various angles & Naked eye 3D project

A series DOOH (10).jpg

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