Venus Series (VN)

  • For Professional Touring Stage

  • Wind-load Resistance Solution

Born for Large-scale Touring Stages

The VN series, resilient to strong winds for outdoor activities, is available in 3.9mm, 4.8mm, and 8.3mm pixel pitches. To build large LED displays quickly, a 1500*1000mm oversized panel is rolled out in addition to typical 500*500mm and 500*1000mm ones. The industrial design of the VN series was awarded the Red Dot Award.

•     Pixel pitch: 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 8.3mm

•     Panel dimension of VN3.9 Pro and VN4.8 Pro: 500(W)*500(H)mm, 500(W)*1000(H)mm, 1500(W)*1000(H)mm

•     Panel dimension of VN8.3: 500(W)*1000(H)mm, 1500(W)*1000(H)mm

Innovative Module-on-frame Design

The VN series offers a completely integrated LED solution, with modules and a power box mounted directly on the sturdy frame for improved precision and lighter weight. Both modules and the power box support rear maintenance. Modules with different pixel pitches can apply to the same frame, bringing customers great cost-effectiveness by simply purchasing and replacing modules to adjust screen pixel pitches.

Unrivalled Visual Performance

The VN series is featured high brightness, high contrast ratio, high grayscale, and a high refresh rate. Using it, a shining outdoor touring stage will be presented to indulge the audience in the excitement. The built-in high-performance processing card also supports HDR10, module correction,and low latency. Both Brompton and NovaStar configurations are available.

Sturdy Locking System

A durable, large-sized lock system on the VN series connects panels firmly so that they are more applicable for giant outdoor stages. The convenient large handle and the timely feedback mechanism deliver a better user experience with fast installation and time efficiency. The VN series panels in three different sizes can be flexibly connected.

Accurate Curving Capabilities

The VN series 500*500mm and 500*1000mm panels can be built into convex, concave, and other curves. Its structural design is rigorous to ensure the panel’s flatness and curve even when spliced in -10 ° and + 10 °.

Hanging and Stacking Installation

There are three sizes (500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm) of hanging bars for the VN series to offer customers a complete hanging installation solution with a height of up to 20m. The stacking installation solutions of the VN series and configuration schemes can meet customers’ needs variously, and the maximum height can reach 5m.

Wind-bracing System and 5-in-1 Dolly System

An optional foldable wind-bracing system is available which needs to be separated from the panels for transport. A conventional 40HQ container can transport panels up to 315㎡ for optimal space utilization and the lowest transportation cost by using the 5-in-1 dolly systems.

Fast-hanging Wind-load Resistance LED Solution

With the help of foldable wind-bracing systems, 5-in-1 dolly systems, and 1500mm hanging bars, it is possible to quickly build a giant LED screen, saving on-site preparation time and presenting a perfect stage to the audience.

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