Commercial Display

Application solutions for commercial display:

1.    Enterprises: Enterprises/public utilities -- exhibition halls & halls

2.    Retail chain: brand owners, mainly for pharmacies, gas stations, 4S stores, supermarkets, etc.

3.    Theme parks: Mainly for all kinds of film & TV entertainment theme parks

4.    Commercial complex: commercial real estate, casinos, etc.


The Absen LED display system has the following key functions:

1.   Wide viewing angle, high gray level/high contrast, uniform color performance and high definition, able to meet the needs of live broadcast;

2.   Ultra-high refresh rate to prevent the scanning line and meet the needs of shooting;

3.   Multi-signal synchronization processing, allowing live broadcast, slow motion playback, lens close-up and other background creations;

4.   High stability and reliability, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation;

5.   Energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and low maintenance cost.


Features of Absen commercial display solutions:

1. One-stop service experience, complete product solution, high degree of integration

2. Fast delivery speed, convenient service, high brand recognition in regions

3. Sound product systems, high integrity of services and solutions

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