Conference Room

A meeting room is needed in any industry, company and organization. According to AVC statistics, there are approximately 100 million conference rooms across the world, among which 27 million conference rooms are in China. In the next decade, this number is expected to reach 30 million, and about 5% of the conference rooms (about 1.5 million) are over 120 square meters in size. The undersize of a single LCD means that the fine pixel pitch LED display has a huge incremental market.

Features of conference room applications:

1. Modular design, seamless display.

2. High consistence and uniformity of color and brightness, “point-to-point” calibration

3. The brightness of the whole screen is adjustable to fit in various indoor display environments

4.  Allow wide-scope adjustment of color temperature to meet the requirements of different applications

5. Wide viewing angle, available to a horizontal 170°/vertical 160° display

6. Ultra-thin unit modular design, saving a lot of space compared with DLP and projectors

7. Efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise, providing a perfect meeting environment for end users

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