JD Series of LED Glass Wall

  • High transparency

  • Ultra-high brightness

 JD10 / JD16

●Panel material:  aluminum

●Product type:  frame

●High transparency:  up to 80%, without affecting interior lighting

●Ultra-high brightness:  reaching 7000nits, born for the strong sunlight

JD Series-04.png

High transparency

   Better transparency, wide viewing angle, high intensity of the structure and not easy to deform

JD Series-05.png

Slim design,lightweight and safe

   Making it easier to disassemble and assemble

JD Series-06.png

Customized for creative designs 

They can be customized in size or LED strip design for the applications to meet the diverse needs of customers

JD Series-07.png

Flexible installation, simple appearance 

Floor installation & hanging, hidden wiring design

JD Series-08.png

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