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Corporate Lobby + LED DisplayLove at First Sight

The lobby is the face of an enterprise and the first place customers will pass through. A well-designed lobby can please and impress the customers both visually and psychologically. Combined with powerful visual contents, LED displays in various shapes can help enterprises impress customers.

CaseGalanz Center

Building an Unforgettable Image

Absen built an elaborate 160 square meters indoor screen with strong visual impact in the lobby of Galanz Center, highlighting the self-confidence of the enterprise and its unique style.
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Exhibition Hall+ LED Display Vision Unbound

The enterprise exhibition hall is a restricted space mainly used to showcase products, solutions, etc., convey corporate philosophy to customers. A LED display is an efficient player in the enterprise exhibition hall in terms of visual effects and content presentation, which helps overcome space limitations and enrich the hall experience.

CaseGansu 5G Joint Innovation Center

Unveiling a New World

In the newly arrived 5G era, Absen helps China Mobile and Gansu Mobile showcase their 5G planning and vision. The Gansu 5G Joint Innovation Center covers an area of 1,500 square meters, whose entrance greets customers with a stunning naked eye 3D screen. In addition, multiple screens help showcase emerging information technologies, such as 5G, IoT and AI. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition hall also has a special theater, which combines a 4K HD 150° concave screen and the underground corridor to create an immersive experience area.
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Conference Rooms+ LED DisplayEfficient Communication

Committed to creating complete solutions for conference scenarios, Absen is building a vibrant LED conference ecological cooperation platform, and maintaining long-term close cooperation with video conferencing, central control systems, audio and other conference industry partners to create a rich intelligent conference experience for customers.

CaseIntel Israel R&D Center

Intelligent and Easy Meeting

The Absen LED conference screen was favored by Intel, a global chip giant, who applied it to the intelligent meeting room of its Intel R&D center in Petach Tikva, Israel. It reflects the enterprise's care for its employees and commitment to improving their working environment by making meetings and work easier and more efficient. It also further enhances customers’ trust in the enterprise through intelligent, efficient, convenient and comfortable meeting experiences, and business cooperation will be smoother when its sincerity and innovative spirit are felt by the customers.
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Monitoring Center+ LED DisplaySee the Bigger Picture

In the era of big data where everything is connected, many enterprises have built their own monitoring centers to strengthen real-time control of production . Seamless and large in size, LED displays can present road maps, texts and all information in their entirety without affecting decision-making.

CaseState Grid Shijiazhuang Control Center

Full-View Business Management Platform

At State Grid Shijiazhuang Intelligent Operation and Inspection Control Center a dozen-meter-long LED NPP display shows all data in real time, with a full picture of the control platform business. It helps staff issue timely emergency commands, operation and maintenance, business control and other work, improve efficiency and better allocate resources.
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