Absen in 2018: Display Your True Colors, Win the Future

    In 2001, the turn of the twenty-first century, the world’s three largest economies of America, Japan and European Union were in a slow-down state; while China sailed against the stream, succeeded in bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games and entering WTO, and has won worldwide applause with its excellent economic performance.  


    Absen in 2018: Display Your True Colors, Win the Future   Right on August of the same year, Absen, an optoelectronic company, was set up in Shenzhen, like a young seedling breaks through the soil. Absen’s “true” corporate culture, including spirit of enterprise, talent standards and credit concepts, was also created as early as in June 2001. And in 2017, Absen’s “true” brand culture which has been carried forward for years was upgraded strategically.  


    Sixteen years is a long and hard journey, but with our clients standing by us through thick and thin, Absen has grown up. Absen’s growth is all about every client’s inspiration, every participator’s effort and its “true” spirit of “say true words, make true efforts and be a true person”. Behind Absen’s good reputation in the domestic and overseas market, we can always find the can-do spirit of every Absen fellow. They are doing their job seriously, keeping pace with the times, and most importantly, they never stop qualifying Absen’s products and service for international standards and never stop learning from our clients.  


    For Absen, clients serious about our work are the best teachers. Your precious feedbacks and suggestions on product and service details, user-friendly designs or innovative adjustments are all inspiring and impressive. In the process of unpredictable collision of thoughts and ideas, Absen is growing stronger and stronger.  


    On the 16th anniversary of Absen’s establishment and at the moment of entering the New Year, sincerely I thank you, our dear clients and partners, for your concern and support! Happy New Year! Wish 2018 a prosperous year for all of us!    


Yours truly

Hansen Ding


Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

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